Paris, France. B. 1989


A rising figure of French street art, Alexandre Monteiro alias HOPARE, is a consummate artist mixing abstraction and figuration in a controlled geometric dynamism. He discovered urban art at the age of twelve, while exploring an old abandoned factory with some friends. His interest in street art blossomed under his teacher and mentor Marchal Mithouard aka Shaka, another Parisian street artist, who quickly detected the potential of his young student.


Seeking his own artistic identity, HOPARE began working for a interior architectural firm. Here, he learned a different way of drawing, based on straight, structured and parallel lines. This geometric influence continues to be visible in HOPARE's work. 

In his creations, interlacing lines reveal faces. Whether on canvas, walls, or in sculptures, HOPARE works to establish a connection with the spectator. Each of his pieces is based on human interactions, meetings and discoveries. His many travels have given him the opportunity to become acquainted with different cultures, whose influence is apparent in his creations.

Between exhibitions in galleries and art in public spaces, HOPARE now manages a full-time practice. His work can be found on walls in Paris, Montréal, Hong Kong, Lisbon and Casablanca to mention a few, he's even painted on objects as varied as couches and even Bentleys. 'What I want to offer to the spectator is the opportunity to travel,' he says. 'If someone sees one of my artworks and scratches his head in search of more details, then for me it's a success.'