Cali, Columbia. B. 1980

Carlos Delgado

Carlos Delgado is a Colombian artist with international recognition, living between Colombia and Canada.

Delgado creates abstract paintings, often times playing with the techniques of mark making with a palette knife and letting the paint organically form and interweave the different emotions depicted in his work, and experienced by his subjects and all people alike. 'The faces in the paintings are not one particular person, rather they are the emotional translation of the world around me, of many people in one, including myself. They are the reflection of the world we live in and at the same time relate to. The colour palettes are formed organically through a process of layering and reflect many states in any given moment,' says the artist.

Delgado has been a winner of several art awards by Toronto Arts Foundation, Toronto Arts Council and Canada Arts Council, as well as former artist in residence at Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto. His work has been shown in group and solo shows in Canada, Colombia, Sweden, France and Russia and collected by private collectors in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.