Tourcoing, France. B. 1986


Born in 1986 in Tourcoing, ALBER is a street artist who has exercised his talents on the buildings of Bordeaux for several years now. Affecting urban culture and more particularly rap, he learned graffiti from adolescence, seduced by the vandal side of this practice and the adrenaline it provides. At first considering illegal graffiti as a personal challenge, he later became interested in the artistic dimension of the practice and decided to perfect his technique in a self-taught manner. He then began to create on canvas, while continuing to train in the street, appreciating the diversity of supports and the freedom of creation that it offers.

Working only with a spray can, ALBER develops an ever more demanding style in which the flat areas of color are transformed into a play of shadows and the assembly of abstract forms turns into figuration. Interested especially in line, ALBER perfects the lines and the shapes, declines the curves and the colours in order to give life to characters whose faces resemble each other, yet are not alike. At the corner of a street or on canvas, these individuals look at us with insistence as if to challenge us and invite us to interact with them.